Bahya ben Asher - Rabbeinu Bachya

This (rejuvenation of the land) is a great sign for the Jewish people, for ever since they were exiled from their Land, no other nation settled there. Rather, it is destroyed and desolate until its children return to it. - Rebbeinu Bachya, Bereishis 17:8

Rabbeinu Bachya shares a similar opinion to the Malbim and the Ramban. According to Rabbeinu Bachya the land rejuvenating and yeilding its fruits once again to its people is a clear great sign that the redemption (Geulah) has begun.  Today we are very fortunate to see with our own very eyes that this is indeed happening all over the Land of Israel. Unfortunately people are simply in denial. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that the redemption has indeed begun.