Rav Yosef Eliyahu Henkin

"Our Responsibility Towards Eretz Yisrael" (written in 1968)
"I should like to begin with a word about the the chareidi attitude towards the government. Chazal long ago insisted that one must show honor unto those who represent a government (memshala) even non-Jewish governments.[This is so since we are taught also that] when honoring even those who are not like-minded that honor rebounds unto us [for acting in such a manner]. This being the case, acting honorably even in times of strife one should act peacefully."

Rav Henkin wrote the following in 1959 in response to the anti-Zionist position of the Satmar Rebbe and the Neturei Karta:

"I was shocked to read in Chomoteinu of Cheshvan 5719 the slanderous notion that we are required to give our lives (limsor nefesh) to frustrate and resist the efforts of the State of Israel in its struggle against those who would rise up against them. This was stated as a p'sak din based on what we learn that Israel is restricted from rebelling against the nations (Ketubot 111a). This opinion is clearly not in keeping with halacha [and which can result] in imminent dangers for millions of Jews....

"Now all the rabbis who were opposed to Zionism and the establishment of a state took up that position until the time that it was officially founded. Once the state was declared, anyone who plays into the hands of the nations of the world even where there is no imminent danger, is clearly a moseir and rodeif. ...to proclaim that anyone who aids the state is a rodeif, well such talk is the severest form of redifa.

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  1. This needs clarification The Satmer Rebbe was the official Rov of yerushliam at that time .
    In What context was this written?


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