Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler 1892-1953

“It is hard to label our presence in the Holy Land now as the beginning of the redemption. It is, however, a great kindness on G-ds part. After the extreme destruction of six million of our brothers, we have the opposite extreme of our nation settling in its own state in the Holy Land. We must learn and take faith from this. Woe to him who will reach the Judgment Day still oblivious to this obvious reality!” Michtav MeEliyahu part III pg.352

“Out of the sea of hatred in which we were drowning, the nations of the world suddenly reversed themselves, agreeing to settle the Jews in their Land! “Is this the ordinary course of events? Is this natural?” [1]


[1] Zion Today - A Torah Perspective by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz pg 350. Translated from the hebrew version titled Tzion Beis Chayeinu by R. Steinberg 1986