Agudath Yisrael Declaration to the United Nations vote establishing a state for the Jewish people in Palestine

“The World Agudas Yisrael sees as an historic event the decision of the nations of the world to return to us, after 2000 years, a portion of the holy land, there to establish a Jewish state and to encompass within its borders the banished and scattered members of our people. This historic event must bring home to every Jew the realization that the Almighty has brought this about in an act of Divine Providence which presents us with a great task and a grave test. We must face up to this test and establish our life as a people, upon the basis of Torah. While we are sorely grieved that the land has been divided and sections of the holy land have been torn asunder, especially Yerushalayim, the holy city, while we still yearn for the aid of Mashiach Tzidkeinu (Messiah), who will bring us to total redemption, we nevertheless see the hand of Providence offering us the opportunity to prepare for the geulah shleima if we will walk into the future as G-d’s people.

Friedenson, A History of Agudath Israel, New York, 1970 p.47 as seen in To Dwell In the Palace Ehrlich-Klein, Tzvia 1991 Feldheim Publishers page 312


  1. We also have the following statement by Agudat Israel:

    "After two millenia of exile and servitude, we have been granted part of the Land of Israel to establish a Jewish state, with the assent of the all the world's nations. This is undoubtedly Divine Providence...Surely, it is the Redemption that we yearn..but.. the advent of Redemption. We must appeal to the Jewish People to exploit this historic moment as a spiritual turning point, return to the ways of the Torah and prepare ourselves for complete Redemption."

    (Baruch Kimmerling, The Israeli State and Society: Boundaries and Frontiers)

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